At Nobian, work begins with salt. From this salt, we produce chemicals that are essential for a greener future. With a team that feels like home, a healthy work-life balance, plenty of responsibility, room for innovation and opportunities to grow.

Our people

Our people actively contribute to green chemistry, safety, innovation, new partnerships, and a sustainable future. We are always looking for new talent to join us. People who have ideas about building a sustainable future and have the drive and passion to make them happen. People who believe that integrity and building long-term relationships are keys to success. If this sounds like you, please share your ambitions with us.

Find out below why our colleagues love working for us.

Georgios, Process Operator, Rotterdam

Georgios: "I really like working here because it isn't an office job. You work with chemical processes and get to plan your own work. You can choose when you do your round and take samples. I love this."

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Sander, Lead Technician Instrumentation, Hengelo

Sander: "The great thing about working for Nobian is the variety in the work. Every day is different. This makes the work enjoyable."

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Vincent, Civil Maintenance Engineer, Rotterdam

Vincent: "My daily work is mainly about mitigating, or controlling risks in the factory so that the factory remains reliable and safe. What I love about the machines and processes in the factory is that it's all alive, it's moving."

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Are you in too?

At Nobian, we transform salt into essential chemicals for many everyday materials. Chemicals that are indispensable for a greener future, like car batteries and car components. What starts as a simple salt molecule could end up as an electric car, a wind turbine blade or a sustainable home. 
Shaping a greener future together. Are you in? Then please check out our vacancies, find out more about working at Nobian, or contact our Talent Acquisition Team: