Essential chemistry for society 

Nobian is a European market leader in the production of salt, essential chemicals, and energy. We leverage our core compentencies in salt production and electrochemistry to transform high-purity salt into essential chemicals that contribute to society and a sustainable living environment. We excel through our flexible and safe production processes and supply chain, optimizing the use and generation of energy.  

Green chemistry

We believe in a world where chemistry becomes completely green.  It is our ambition to become one of the most sustainable chemical companies in Europe. For more information: read our Grow Greener Together sustainability program.

Our 1,600 colleagues are dedicated to becoming safer, more efficient, and more sustainable. This is how we ensure that today’s essential products keep improving our lives in the future through chemistry on which you can rely. 

Our heritage

At Nobian we take great pride in our strong history and heritage, going back more than 100 years. Nobian started producing salt in the Netherlands with the establishment of the Royal Dutch Salt Industry (KNZ) in 1918. We value the entrepreneurial spirit of our founders as well as our current strong drive for business excellence, innovation and sustainability. Based on these foundations we have become a leading European company in salt mining, essential chemistry, including green hydrogen, and energy.

Our value chain

Our products position us right at the start of the chemical value chain. Nobian is therefore at the forefront of the chemical industry with societal relevance now and in the future.

We drive the transition towards green chemistry and away from fossil fuel-based energy and products, through our reliable, affordable supply of green products to our customers. 

Our value chain